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Bigas Luna, director of excess Iberian

Revealed international public in 1992 by Ham Ham satire of Spanish machismo, discoverer actors Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Ariadna Gil, filmmaker Bigas Luna died of cancer , April 4, in Tarragona in southern Catalonia, where he settled in recent years. He was 67.

Juan Jos?? (or Josep Joan in Catalan) Bigas Luna was born March 19, 1946 in Barcelona. Graphic designer by training, he abandoned his surname when he started directing in the mid-1970s, at the end of Francoism. His first feature film, Tatuaje, in 1976. Two years later, Bilbao is selected at Cannes in the Directors’ Fortnight, as will Poodle, the following year. After a half-dozen films, including Reborn (1981), a religious thriller with Dennis Hopper, Bigas Luna withdrew from the cinema in 1986.

In 1990, producer Andres Vicente Gomez convinces him to get out of this retreat to adapt a novel sulfur successful Las Edades de Lulu, the plebiscite public. One notices a young actor named Javier Bardem. During the preparation of the film, Bigas Luna has sent home a girl of fourteen, promising to recall lorqu will age of filmmaking in films as a director provocative.

As the story Penelope Cruz in a text published by El Pais, Bigas Luna was a man of scandal and speech. He offers the first r? Ham Ham Best Meat Grinder in the first part of a trilogy Iberian, in which he indulges in both his personal fantasies and a review of the grotesque ic? Nes contemporary Spain, the famous Osborne bull, cooking with garlic and Goya. Penelope Cruz is to partner Javier Bardem. Resounding international success, Ham Ham followed by Macho, always with Bardem, and the Teton and the moon, which does not meet the public’s favor.

Following the career of Bigas Luna is marked by the failure of Volav??runt, huge production featuring the Spanish court in the early nineteenth century and by the failure of the following films. Meanwhile, the filmmaker is launching a cabaret in the city of Zaragoza and revives his career as an artist, realizing a system for the Spanish pavilion at the Expo Shangha? in 2010.

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