A warm welcome to everyone, We wish to draw your attention towards a less commonly known Neurological condition called “Ataxia”, This is an rare incurable progressive disorder leading to in coordination of body parts and malfunction of Motor Nerves, with the progress of this condition, the sufferer loses control to walk and balancing the body.

These patients are mentally sound but become physically dependent. This is a miserable and difficult situation as the victim slowly experiences his darkening future. Therefore it is necessary for the society to come forward and help such sufferers who are battling for their lives. .On the International and National front, there are many Organizations who are significantly extending their valuable work and support for physically challenged. Inspired from them, we have started a support group called “SEEK A MIRACLE ATAXIA GROUP” (INDIA).

SAMAG  is a Support Group working towards sharing of Ataxia Information (Patient to patient – their families, friends etc) and a Service based charity association with NO financial resources or assistance ya any funding received on regular terms, Its with help of kind volunteers,supporters and well wishers that SAMAG Functions/Runs working for spreading awareness on ataxia’s and other disabilities (PLEASE UNDERSTAND WE ARE IN NO POSITION TO FUND YA GIVE MONEY TO INDIVIDUAL PATIENTS)  as we are purely a support group sharing help with raising Ataxia awareness and sharing Ataxia Information as our main aim and main focused objective.

Chandu George and Nirmala both FAers being interveiwed by Indian local Media,George leader of SEEK A MIRACLE ATAXIA GROUP, India, Speaking about Ataxia and raising awareness about Ataxia in Indian society,and promoting Ataxia’s cause which is never heard much in India to

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