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Why It’s The Perfect Accommodation Choice For Families

Anytime you decide to travel, it is imperative that you take into consideration where it is you’re going to reside for the duration of your trip. This seems simple enough, but choosing a place to stay while you’re traveling is different when you’re traveling with family.

Vacation rentals are the relatively new kid on the block, taking the accommodation decision to another level when it comes to family travel. Their popularity may lie with the changing attitude about what travelers are looking in accommodations. There was a time when just having a nice bed, an operating shower, and a way to control the room temperature sufficed, but as with just about everything, consumer tastes have changed, and they demand more.

Traveling with your family means traveling with children, and for anyone who has watched a parent travel with a kid, it means there’s an entire production to making it happen. You may have to travel with toys, separate luggage, and electronic devices. This takes up space, and in a traditional hotel room, finding space for additional items like this is hard. Factor in multiple children, and it’s easy to see why a regular hotel room may not suffice, especially when you consider you have yet to factor in what parents bring along.

Extra space, it seems, tends to top most lists as to why vacation rentals tend to be ideal for families. This notion of space is key to note because vacation rentals tend to have separate bedrooms & multiple bathrooms. Traditional accommodations tend to have a family work around one or sinks situated uncomfortably close to the facilities, and if someone is using the shower, everyone else has to wait.

Amenities are the name of the game when it comes to vacation rentals. The aim of these properties is to make you feel as though you are in a “home away from home”. You are able to cook in a “home” environment with food you bought at the local grocery store. This may not seem like a big deal, and in many ways, some would argue that you’re working on your vacation. Travel experts, though, point out that one of the leading budget-breakers during family travel is going out to eat for nearly every meal. This way, you can control the cost of your meals, and it actually becomes the ideal way for the whole family to sit together & talk about the day’s activities.

In the end, perhaps the best reason for a family to choose a vacation rental is because it can be the most cost-efficient way to travel. There are those that would argue that if all you’re trying to do is save money, you’re not enjoying yourselves. However, travel gurus point out that if you effectively work your budget out, you have more of your travel funds to dedicate to more fun stuff. Take guided tours on horseback. Get the family together for a skiing lesson. Check out a local fine dining restaurant & get all dressed up together for a fancy dinner.

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